Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Home Sweet Home

Well friends, we made it home safe and sound thanks to Qantas. We are always happy flying with them even if its just cattle class (big grin).

I really want to say a HUGE THANK-YOU to all my wonderful friends in the States who spent time with us, who looked after us, who laughed and joked with us and who truly made our trip to the States the BEST. We have truly been so privileged to have you all and we really do hope that one day we can reciprocated the hospitality one day if you ever get to Australia. 

Cheers to you all with a vegemite sandwich...LOL

My two daughters were very happy to see Mum and I know I was thrilled to get home to see them and my son, along with his little boy Isaac and Mummy Grace. I left here with Isaac only just pulling himself up on furniture and now he is walking, or should I say running....he is also doing the "Hokey Pokey"...you know how cute that is....he is just a beautiful little boy.

It won't be long and Madeline will be back in school....year 11....gosh how she has grown and I am so proud of who she is becoming. Sophie my eldest daughter gets married in six weeks. So, I am now organising the last of things for her wedding. This year will see a lot of changes I feel. You know how you just have that gut instinct!!

Catch y'all over at my SEW PRIM KHRIS blog.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Two Peas in A Pod

I just had to share this....seriously so cute...two peas in a pod hey...you would swear Trudy was Glens child wouldn't you!!! They were comparing beards...lmao

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Quilt Class

Today I went to a quilt class with my friend Marilyn in Long Beach being taught by Ann Turley. It was a really fun class and I achieved a lot. I am very happy with what I accomplished and with thrilled to have met some lovely quilters in the process. The pattern she used is called Mexican Stars by Southwind Designs.

I have yet to sew down the corners to give them a curved look but that is next on the list while I am here visiting with Marilyn. We are here until Thursday when we then fly home to Australia.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Mini Quilt Guild

Lastnight I went with Cheryl to her mini quilt guild....I got to meet some lovely quilters and enjoy dinner with Marilyn and Dianne. Jinny then joined us and we ventured out in minus degrees for ice-cream at 9pm at night.....it was so much fun...felt like a kid again....thanks Cheryl for a lovely time with you guys.

On Sunday we went into Chicago and did the Segway tour....we really had a great tour guide. Russell had us laughing most of the tour....so if you ever get to Chicago, we really can recommend taking the City Segway tour on the weekend just to get Russell as a guide.  These sculptures are called "Agora". 106 nine-foot tall headless torsos made of cast iron, the artwork derives it name from the Greek word for meeting place. The figures are posed walking in groups in various directions or standing still.

We also visited Cloud Gate or the "Bean"...made from stainless steel. Located in Millinneum Park. 168 stainless steel plates welded together, its highly polished exterior has no visible seams. It is 33 by 66 by 42 feet (10 by 20 by 13 m), and weighs 110 short tons (100 t; 98 long tons).

Under the bean you can see all the other people in the background

The Crown Fountain is an interactive work of public art and video sculpture. Really cool. The waters intermittently cascade down the two towers and spout through a nozzle on each tower's front face. The towers are 50 feet (15 m) tall.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

 Not long now until our twelve week trip to the States comes to an end. How quickly this time has gone. We left Kelly's and arrived at Cheryls just outside Chicago on Friday. We had planned to go to Michigan to NJ's but unfortunately she has the flu and felt we probably wouldn't want to end our trip sick. We have less than two weeks left before we fly home. We are ready to return to our home, kids, family and friends. We have done a lot of driving and flying this trip so we are happily chilling out in Chicago before we fly back across to Long Beach, CA to spend our last ten days with our good friend Marilyn.

For anybody who follows Kelly of IHAN you know she has this "thing" about the flamingos up the road from her....so, I had to take a photo of the flamingo with her scarf in the kiddy sleigh. This house features these flamingos in different costumes with different props throughout the year.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013 - Happy New Year

We have had a wonderful New Years Eve with Kelly, Rick, Aaron, Zac and their friends seeing out 2012 and coming into a new year. I am truly blessed to have such good friends and I can only wish the best for my family and friends in 2013. We played a crazy game called "King of the Jungle" where you have to make animal noises and remember each others...you have to play it to know how funny this game can be. These guys are some kind of crazy!! lol

Fun in the snow at Perrysburg

We arrived at Kelly's home in Perrysburg last Friday and have had a fun time with her boys in the snow sledding....well kinda sledding....it really was fun....the boys seemed to think I was fair game though and snowballed me til my hair was drenched...thank goodness for waterproof clothing is all I can say.

There really are four of them in this pic - Rick is "under" Kelly...LOL

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Merry Christmas

Wishing all my blog friends a very Merry Christmas where ever you are and who ever you are with. My thoughts are with my family at home in Australia but also with my friends all over the world, hoping that their day has been enjoyable and spent with somebody they love.

Today we enjoyed the day with Mildred, Jeff, Cynthia and Raymond in Fox Ridge cabin in Gatlinburg, TN. We have had a couple of days here and us girls have spent some time scrap-booking and just chilling out with each other.

Saturday, December 22, 2012


Oh what fun it is to ride on a one person Segway! Santa and his helper took the Segway in Savannah today. It really is a lot of fun.

Santa's helper.

Then we stopped by Chippewa Square where Forrest sat telling his life story.

Lots of fun browsing shops and buying gifts and souvenirs at the Paula Dean store. Y'all need to visit Savannah some day if you can. It's a beautiful place with gorgeous homes, churches and huge oak trees with the Spanish moss hanging from them.